Admission Requirements

Application Form
Complete the school's admission application form, which is available on our website or can be obtained from the school's admissions office.
Documents Required
Birth certificate to verify the child's date of birth. Passport-sized photographs of the child. Any previous academic records or reports (for primary admissions). Immunization records and health certificates.
Parent/Guardian Interview
Parents or legal guardians are required to attend an interview or orientation session with school administrators. This allows us to understand your child's educational needs and for you to learn more about our school's philosophy and digital learning methods.
Assessment (Primary Classes)
For primary admissions, there may be an assessment or placement test to determine the appropriate grade level for the child.
Application Fee:
Pay the non-refundable application fee, as specified by the school, upon submitting the application.
Admission Decision
Once the application process is complete, the school's admission committee will review applications and make admission decisions based on the child's eligibility and the availability of seats.
Enrollment Documentation

If your child is accepted for admission, you will be required to complete the enrollment process by submitting additional documents, including legal guardianship proof, medical records, and contact information.
Tuition and Fees
Pay the tuition and fees as outlined in the school's fee structure. Details regarding payment schedules and methods will be provided upon acceptance.


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